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Signs from spirit/Our crossed over loved ones

Our crossed over loved ones are always close by, yet may we may not recognize the signs they leave to show us that they are near. In some case the signs are to let us know they are ok. they are present, during happy times and challenging times, and that life goes on for us and also not to fear crossing over.

1. Numbers - To get your attention, spirit will definitely use numbers. When you see number sequences repeat themselves, take note. Anniversaries, birthdays, phone numbers and house addresses will pop up and these numbers will most certainly have special meaning to you and to them.

2. Songs - You may hear a song on the radio, or during a TV commercial, or it may just pop up in your head, like for instance when you wake up in the morning. When you hear that special song, just take a moment to be present and feel the spirit of your loved one because they are with you at that moment.

3. Aromas-Some of our crossed over loved ones bring through familiar fragrances that have a special meaning to us. Some of the aromas may be, perfume, cologne, after shave, food, flowers, cigarette smoke, alcohol and favourite or not so favourite food dishes. Only some spirits possess the ability to manipulate aromas.

By Debra Rechter – Psychic Medium Bendigo

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