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Reiki (Rei-Universal spirit and Ki- life energy-chi) is also known as The Usui Method of 

 Natural Healing which has been practiced in Japan since the 1800's. Reiki practitioners can tap into the supply of life energy and channel it through their hands into your body. The energy received accelerates your body's ability to naturally rebalance and transform itself by removing any energy blockages which may be causing spiritual,emotional or physical dis-ease. Promoting a state of relaxation and tranquility Reiki helps you to restore your mind,body and spirit.




*Induces a state of deep relaxation of mind and body

*Balances your life energies

*Reduces anxiety

*Helps relieve pain

*Promotes improved sleep

*Cleanses consciousness

*Brings peace and harmony to oneself

*Heightens self awareness and intuition

*Alleviates stress and ailments attributed to stress

*Can help acute and chronic illnesses

*Removes energy blocks

*Offers support for substance abuse recovery

*Strengthens the immune system


*Clears toxins

*Treats symptoms and causes of illness on whatever level it exists

*Relieves allergies as well as headaches

*Accelerates recovery from medical treatments and surgery

*Balances hormones,for PMS,Peri-Menopause,Menopause and Fertility Issues

*Aids meditation

*Promotes natural self healing

*Helps you express your full potential with wisdom and authenticity

 *Promotes creativity

*Balances the organs and glands

*Promotes healing  Spiritually,Emotionally and Physically




Reiki treatments are for specific healing or relaxation and are individually tailored

to your needs or condition.

You remain fully clothed at all times for the hands on healing modality.

During the treatment the body will only take the amount of energy it requires.

If you are wanting to work on a specific issue then is advisable to book for several sessions.




There are many reasons why you would want to receive a distance healing. You may live interstate, are unwell,or are unable to see me in person,or you may even like the healing to be synchronised with your own regular meditation practice. Distance healing is an amazing healing experience, and I offer these treatments for either 30 minutes or 

 60 minutes and can schedule them to suit your individual needs.


Reiki for Children


Children are extremley receptive to Reiki.

A child has a shorter session of 30 to 40minutes.

When in person I may talk a little to the child during the treatment in the 

form of a guided relaxation. This not only helps during the treatment but also

gives them a new meditation technique that they can use at home.

Children can receive the healing in person or distance,so if they are unwell and

unable to attend treatments then distance Reiki is wonderful.

For children under 16 years of age I request the parent/guardian to remain in the session with their child.




Seichim/Sekhem(living light energy) is a non-invasive method of healing (hands on or off) originating back to Ancient  Egypt.

Seichim practitioners channel life energy which is soft,loving and gentle through their hands into your body, allowing you to subtly heal yourself by directing the flow of life energy from your spiritual body towards your physical body.

While it flows it removes any energy imbalances causing dis-ease and releases

any deeply held thought forms along the way. Brilliant at releasing longheld

blockages,you can feel revitalised,brighter and happier than ever before.

Seichim can-

*Ease grief and emotional issues

*Relieve depression and anxiety

*Promote a sense of harmony and positivity

* Promote relaxation and inner peace

*Balance yin and yang energies

*Provide direction in life and clarity of mind

*Release past life issues

*Clear bodily toxins

*Lift personal vibration to assist on your spiritual path

Psychic Bendigo
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