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Debra Rechter -Psychic Medium ,Bendigo.

Ganesha or Ganesh is the elephant headed god in Hinduism, he is the son of Shiva and Parvati.

Ganesha is an extremely popular god in Hinduism and is still to this day one of the most worshipped.

Hindu tradition states that Ganesha is a God of success,Lord of beginnings, wisdom and good fortune, patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect, he is also a giver of different types of favours.

Ganesha is called Vighneshvara , meaning one who is the Lord of Obstacles or difficulties.

Thus, the Hindu tradition states that by worshipping Ganesha, one can remove all obstacles and difficulties.

Hindu tradition gives Ganesha a very important place and there are many temples of Ganesha.

I also give Ganesha a very important place in my work space and home, Ganesha assists me in assisting others through my psychic, medium and spiritual guidance and healing.

Ganesha is denoted by his elephant head, large belly, his mount and a small mouse.

Ganesha’s elephant head is the symbol of wisdom, his long ears signify that he hears everything his devotees say .

There are many stories and legends related to Lord Ganesha which can teach us a lot, this is one of of the reasons as to why Ganesh is called the God of Wisdom.

Lessons we can learn are:

*The Sense of Responsibility -

There is the familiar story Lord Shiva beheading Ganesha which resulted in the elephant head of the Lord. This story teaches us that our duty and responsibility is above everything else. Lord Ganesha readily sacrificed his head in order to fulfil the responsibility which his mother .Parvati gave him.

*Be a Good Listener-

Ganesha’s ears symbolises the role of effective communication.A good listener always has a better understanding of the situation at hand. In decision making, listening to others, helps you analyse the situation from a different perspective and hence, guides you to a better solution.

*Power Should Be In Control-

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ganesha’s trunk is always rolled up a certain way. This suggests that He controls the power he wields. This is a lesson for us to have control over our powers and to make good use of it.

*The Art of Forgiveness-

Once Lord Ganesha was invited to a feast and he ate way too much.

While going home the moon mocked his bulging stomach and laughed, The Lord cursed the moon to be invisible.Then the moon realised its mistake and asked for forgiveness.Ganesha immediately forgave the moon and proclaimed that the moon would grow thinner each day and remain invisible on one day of the month. Hence we learn the art of forgiveness from the God of wisdom.

*Humility and Respect for other Beings-

The best example of this is the Lord’s ride.The huge God rides a tiny mouse.

It shows that the Lord doesn’t discriminate and respects even one of the most smallest of beings.

This trait is extremely important for us to imbibe.

Only then we can get a respectable position in life.

*Some Ganesha Mantras*

Vakratunda Ganesh Mantra

One of the most common Ganpati Mantras, this is the Ganesh mantra for wealth, and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Goddess Riddhi (Hindu Goddess of Prosperity) and Goddess Siddhi (Hindu Goddess of Spiritual enlightenment)

“Vakratunda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Kotti


Nivighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu

Sarvadaa “


‘Oh God with curved trunk and large body whose aura is like light crores of the sun.

Please make my entire work obstacle free forever”

Benefit- Chanting of this mantra invokes Lord Ganesha to remove every obstacle between one and one’s well-being and helps to achieve wealth, wisdom, good luck, prosperity and succession all endeavours .

“Om Vignanaashnay Namah”

Meaning- Ganpati is also worshipped to remove obstacles from one’s life .Here vignu means obstacles and nashmay means One who removes obstacles .

Benefit- If one is facing problems with their social life, work, or with interpersonal relationships, it can be made easier by chanting this mantra.

“Om Lambodaraya Namah”

Meaning- Ganesha is known to love his food, and has a big, round belly. ‘Lambodar’ thus refers to him as a God who has a big belly.

Benefit- Chanting this mantra allows an individual to love and be one with the whole universe, just like Lord Ganpati.

“Om Vikataya Namah”

Meaning-Here ‘Vikat’ means difficult.

Benefit-The world is full of difficult situations, and often we may find ourselves disheartened and unable to focus. This Mantra reminds us that our ultimate goal is salvation, and no matter what happens, we should not lose sight of that. This Ganpati Mantra will help keep our eyes on this long term goal and motivate us towards salvation.


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