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LAKSHMI- by Debra Rechter Psychic Medium in Bendigo.

Lakshmi is known as the Hindu Goddess of good fortune, generosity, youth.wealth and beauty.

She is the wife of the great god Vishnu and the couple are frequently worshipped together as Lakshmi-Narayan. Lakshmi, like her husband has many avatars, they can both take on different forms when they descend to earth.

*Sita, wife of lord Rama,

*Dharani,wife of Parashurama,

*Queen Rukmini, wife of Krishna,

*Padma, wife of Hari

Lakshmi can also be called Lokamata,’mother of the world’ and Lola, meaning fickle, referring to her seemingly unmethodical dispensation of good fortune.

The goddess is particularly associated with the lotus flower and is sometimes referred to as the Lotus Goddess. There are no temples in her name but she is particularly worshipped in one of Hinduism’s most evocative celebrations, the yearly Diwali or ‘Festival of Lights’,held every October-November.



It is believed that the continuous chanting of this mantra will bring gain and prosperity in life.

2.The mantra that includes 9 names of Mahalakshmi:

“Om Mahalakshmi Namahae

Om Gaja Lakshmi Namahae

Om Jaya Lakshmi Namahae

Om Thana Lakshmi Namahae

Om Santana Lakshmi Namahae

Om Seetha Lakshmi Namahae

Om Thaireya Lakshmi Namahae

Om Thannya Lakshmi Namahae

Om Vidya Lakshmi Namahae

Om Maha Vishu Mahalakshmi Namahae”

Chanting this mantra will bring both, beauty, happiness and riches to you which will

Make a great difference in life.

3.Shri Dakshina Lakshmi Stotram

Meaning: Oh Goddess you are the one who is worshiped in all the three worlds,

Oh Kamala, Oh Consort of Lord Vishnu,

Oh Consort of Krishna, If only you are stable,

And abide by me forever.

Oh Kamala, Oh unstable one, Oh Lakshmi,

Oh Goddess who moves everything, Oh Goddess of prosperity,

Oh Darling of Hari, Oh Padma, Oh goddess who lives in lotus,

Oh Goddess who is pleasant, Oh Goddess who is exalted,

Oh Goddess of wealth, Oh Goddess who holds a lotus.

If these twelve names of Lakshmi are read and worshipped,

Lakshmi would be stable .

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